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The Real Dangers of Hiring Unlicensed Tree Professionals

Hiring a tree professional can be an overwhelming task for most homeowners. There are so many different types of trees out there, and each one has its own specific needs. Not to mention all the different service providers in your area that you need to go through to find the best company for your individual needs. And if you hire the wrong company? Well, it could lead to some pretty disastrous results. If you want help finding a reputable and qualified tree care provider in your area, we’ve got just the article for you!

When you don’t hire a tree care professional, your property’s aesthetic appeal is sure to suffer. You’ll also find yourself more susceptible to fallen and damaged trees in your home or business.

To avoid the harm that an unlicensed tree professional could inflict, our team at Orange County Tree Service is licensed to perform all your comprehensive tree care needs in Orange County. Learn some of the reasons why you should hire a certified arborist like us for any and all of your upcoming projects.

Unlicensed tree professionals often don’t abide by industry standards

A healthy tree is a necessity for any property! Trimming and pruning are safe, low-cost services that will keep your trees looking great while also adding to their curb appeal. Make sure you’re hiring licensed professionals who adhere to industry standards when it comes time for trimming or removal so as not too make the unnecessary mistakes of tipping or topping which can cause injury in the process.

Licensed professionals like our tree surgeons at Orange County Tree Service know how to make your trees healthier and cut back on unwanted branches, so call us today.

An unlicensed tree professional may inflict damage on your home or business

Though it may be difficult to predict which way a tree is going to fall, when an unlicensed individual attempts the felling process they have the potential of causing your home or property damages. Contact our licensed company in Fort Myers for safe and precise cuts that will ensure that you avoid costly fallen trees on your land.

You may become responsible if an unlicensed tree professional or his employees are injured

Horror stories of the dangers that come with tree care abound. If you do not have a license, it is very dangerous to trim and remove any trees in your yard yourself or trust an unlicensed professional to handle this task for you. A lack of knowledge can lead them into unsafe situations which could result in serious injuries such as:

  • Bites and stings from animals and insects in trees
  • Infections from cuts and scrapes
  • Rashes from poisonous leaves that blend into trees
  • Electrical burns from nearby power lines
  • Injuries from power tools
  • Eye injuries from airborne pieces of wood

Don’t risk hiring an unlicensed tree professional to handle your property’s tree needs. Call us today!

Tree care is a very important part of maintaining your property. Without it, you could be left with an unmanicured landscape and at risk for injury or damage to both the trees on your property as well as yourself. Why take that chance? Hire only licensed professionals like those here at Tree Care Specialists who have years of experience in tree maintenance services and are qualified to handle any tasks related to arboriculture such as pruning, trimming branches up high so they don’t break off due windy conditions! Give us a call today to speak with one our experts about how we can help maintain the healthiness of all plants around your home by providing quality professional service from some experienced technicians.

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