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Identifying Trees That Are a Risk During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is coming up and it is important to know which trees on your property may be at a higher risk of being downed by strong winds. When we think about hurricanes, most people only consider the taller trees that are in their backyards or near power lines. However, there are many smaller trees that can cause just as much damage during these storms and should be considered when preparing for hurricane season. 
This article will teach you how to identify those high-risk trees so you can take steps to mitigate them before the storm arrives!
Trees have been weakened due to tree disease or insect infestation
Many people are unaware of the dangers posed by trees on their property. When tree diseases and insects attack a target, they weaken it structurally along with large branches and small limbs. Hurricane-force winds can easily knock these over or blow off flying projectiles like large branch pieces that have been weakened from infestation or disease which could cause serious damage to surrounding properties if not taken care of in time.
This is why you should always call professionals when there’s any potential trouble near your home before any major problems happen!
Branches of the tree are growing too close to structures on your property
When a tree starts to grow too close to homes or buildings, it’s already a hazard. But during Hurricane Season in the Caribbean and America where you can’t predict what kind of storm is going on outside your door, they’re even more dangerous for those inside as well as potential damage costs from an incident like this – up to $250K!
When bad storms hit us with winds anywhere from 111-130 miles per hour that could knock over trees which are then able (unfortunately) fall into our houses causing injury/detriment OR we have no choice but pay upwards of $250k after having higher insurance premiums due to such risks.
A tree that was previously damaged in a storm can be a liability
If a tree sustains damage during a thunderstorm or even a previous hurricane, then it more than likely should be removed as it can be an asset for your property. It will become strong and stand tall even in the face of any tropical storm scenario that comes its way! Our skilled team is here to remove the tree safely without causing harm to your home or business.
If the tree has structural problems or cracks in its trunk, it should be removed before the hurricane season.
Whether or not your tree is a threat to you, your loved ones, and employees during hurricane season largely depends on the type of maintenance it’s been receiving throughout its lifetime. If trees have structural problems that haven’t yet led them to develop cracks in their trunks (often caused by strong winds), they may be at risk when faced with another storm like Hurricane Irma.
Do you need a tree care company to take a look at your property’s trees before hurricane season? Contact us. We’ll make sure that you’re safe from the dangers of hurricanes and their aftermath by thoroughly inspecting all of the trees on your property, identifying any potential risks they may pose to you or anyone in close proximity during these dangerous storms! Don’t wait until it’s too late; call today for more information about our services.

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